More Prettier

While walking past a hair salon in the mall…

Nico: Mom you should go in there.

Me: Why?

Nico: So you can look pretty.

Me: Am I not pretty? 

Nico: I’m saying you should go in there to look ‘more prettier’

Me: *crying on the inside*

Mike: But Mommy is already the prettiest.

Nico: Yeah but she will be more prettier with blue or purple hair.

Me: Gee thanks kiddo. 


Kim Son

We were on 59 and I pointed out to Nico where my favorite restaurant was.

Me: Nico, that’s my favorite restaurant over there. Do you remember? It’s the one where you like the crispy noodles!

Nico: Oh yeah!

Me: It’s called Kim Son.

Nico: Kim sum? I’d LOVE some!



Ok, so Nico has had the luxury of watching Disney Junior channel since we are currently living with my sister and they have cable. Now he has grown fond of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and now, The Octonauts.

Sometimes, Nico will make up his own words when he gets excited, and we have to remind him to calm down and use real words. Today, I heard him repeating words that were unfamiliar to me and the word ‘Pussy’ was thrown in there a lot. I told him to stop saying that word because I didn’t like it and he asked why. I thought maybe I misheard him, so I asked him what he said and this is how it went:

Me: What did you say?
Nico: I said Pussy
Me: Where did you learn that word from?
Nico: From Octonauts. He’s name is Pussy and he’s a pirate with a tail. And Turtle is vegetable. I like Pussy.
Me: Oh…

Feeling like an ass, I decided to Google who the Octonauts were and if there really was a character named Pussy. Why would Disney give the character a name that was also such a controversial word? Well, turns out they didn’t. Nico heard their names wrong bc of their British accents. The cat’s name is Kwazii (which rhymes with Pussy) and the vegemal’s name is Tunip, not Turtle. Maybe he figured his name was like Puss from Puss in Boots?

I let him know of their correct names and he had to rewatch the episode to make sure I was right. His words:

“Oh yeah, Mommy. You’re right.”

Oh son, haven’t you learned never to argue with your mother?



My throat was feeling a little scratchy, so I started whining. This is how the conversation with my adorable son went:

Me: Ugh!

Nico: Mommy, what’s wrong?

Me: I want pho.

Nico: What’s pho?

Me: It’s soup. Vietnamese soup. 

Nico: Ok, I’ll tell daddy

*yells to Mike while he’s in the bathroom*

Nico: DADDY!! Hurry up, Mommy wants pho! It’s enemy soup!


HBD Daddy

So we FaceTimed Mike at midnight EST to wish him Happy Birthday…somewhere in the conversation:

Nico: I’m going to be 6!
Mike: Yea. How old am I?
Nico: You’re going to be 10.
Me: How old am I?
Nico: You’re going to be 30,000.

gee, thanks, kiddo.



Nico: Mama, I love you so much.
Me: I love you too, honey.
Nico: Marry me!

(I assume he got the idea of marriage from watching Little Rascals, but I had to let him down gently and let him know I was already happily married.)